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Palette of Purpose “Adaptive Dreams” Mother and Son Art Show

Benefitting the Abilene Dream Center

“Adaptive Dreams”- Stephanie and Sebastian Prosser Mother and Son Show

IMG_1544My work reflects who I am; unconventional and colorful! I have always been an artist and a bit of a dreamer. Five years ago a new chapter of my life opened up when I became a mother. As an expectant mother I was as most “mothers to be”, a dreamer. I dreamed of all the fun and creative things I was going to share with my child. How we were going to draw and paint together, and the memories and artwork we would make. When I found out my child was a boy, I was even more ecstatic! First, because I “secretly” wanted a boy (It wasn’t so secret, I blabbed it everywhere I went), and secondly I began to dream of how my son was going to be a creative soul with a sensitive artist’s heart. We would relate so well!… All of which I had no control over, but isn’t that the beauty of a dream!

When my son Sebastian was around the age of two, my husband and I received his Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. This diagnosis greatly impacted our little family, and altered our expectations as parents. A year later we went through genetic family testing, and found that my husband also has ASD. We fully embraced our son’s and my husband’s “disorder,” and began therapies and treatment sessions. In these sessions we were able to understand more so how our son “works” and where his strengths and weaknesses lie. One of said weaknesses is poor/low muscle tone and spacial recognition. He has difficulties with his grasp, and with his senses, and his body in general, therefore he has trouble with holding a pencil or pen, and difficulty writing. Part of his sensory disorder revolves around touch and texture. Sebastian does not like the feel of paint or wet/damp things. It took us forever just to get him to simply place a fingertip on a piece of play dough.

I found Sebastian had little to no interest in any type of crafting, including drawing or painting. I would try to get him to do a simple scribble on a card for his grandparents and he would fuss and cry. I admit there were times I stooped to bribing him for a sketch. It seemed as though it wasn’t meant to be.

As Sebastian has gotten older, his therapies have grown with him. They evolve as his skills evolve and improve. It takes a village and he has a wonderful team of professionals, teachers, friends, and family that have taken extra special care in supporting him. He has gotten much better in dealing with his senses, and has gotten more accustomed to doing projects at school and in church that are craft related.

When I look back and see how far we have come, the dreams I had for him while he was in the womb seem almost infantile compared to the successes I have already seen through my child. I now know how hard he will work and persevere to accomplish great things!


The beauty of dreams is that they are versatile, and can morph and change shape like clouds. Children also possess this beauty. So even though Sebastian may not be grow to be artsy or an artist, one thing is for certain, he is always a masterpiece!

As an artist and a Christian, I feel that my natural talent comes from the Lord, and that He has given me these talents to use to help give to others. With my artwork, I wish to do shows that not only share art and creativity with the community, but help to improve the community and enrich the lives of others. I call my art studio “Palette of Purpose,” because I paint to serve others. I recently visited with the Abilene Dream Center. The Abilene Dream Center is a 9 month discipleship program geared in to assist those who struggle with addictions, homelessness, brokenness, and anyone who is looking for a change in life. They rely solely on the community and donations to function. I am deeply inspired by people who invest in others’ lives and do so by spreading the word of God. I myself am a recovering alcoholic, and know firsthand the importance of second chances and the power of Christ Jesus. I believe the Abilene Dream Center is refocusing and rebuilding dreams on a daily basis.

For this “Adaptive Dream” Mother and Son show I really want to express to the community that dreams can come true and adapted dreams can be rich and fulfilling. For my son and I to “do a show” together is a dream come true for me! In order to do this, I decided to incorporate my son’s doodles and artwork into my own art as the skeleton or elements of my paintings to produce one collaborative piece. I will photocopy my son’s original doodle so that the audience can see the transformation of “His work” into “OUR work”. I have also included in the show pieces of my original work as well, all of which will be for sale. All profits will be donated to the Abilene Dream Center.

Much thanks to The Cockerell Galleries and Studios which continues to give back to the community and show support for local artists and organizations.

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